Town says it didn't mean to put up these phallic Christmas lights with blue balls on top

Photo credit EvgeniiAnd/Getty Images

The mayor of a town is defending the choice to put up phallic Christmas decorations that have everyone talking. 

According to the Daily Mail, the town of Oudenburg, Belgium, put up custom-made Christmas lights that were inspired by candles. Unfortunately, the decision to put blue bulbs on top made the decorations look especially phallic. 

"Of course, it was not our intention to install Christmas lights that remind people of a penis," said Oudenburg Mayor Anthony Dumarey. "But we do see the lighter side of the incident." 

"We chose the city's colors and put a blue tip on top because we thought a flame was cliche," Dumarey continued, adding that he sees "the funny side of it" himself. 

Check out some of the photos that people shared on Instagram below, and check out more pictures from the Daily Mail here