Missing the Choco Taco? Here's where to get ice cream tacos in NorCal

chocolate strawberry ice cream taco
Photo credit Oksana Chaun/Getty Images

There's been a lot of buzz around the death of Klondike's Choco Taco. If you're really craving an ice cream taco now (maybe you didn't even know they existed before), then you should definitely check out this ice cream shop in Northern California that specializes in them.

I came across Rocko's Ice Cream Tacos online recently and got extremely excited, because...well, ICE CREAM TACOS. Unfortunately it's a little bit of a drive from Sac, but probably worth a day trip to check this place out.

Rocko's is in Santa Clara, about a two-hour drive from where I am right now (the radio station in Sac). They have an array of ice cream tacos to try, but they also have a simple brunch menu with coffee, lattes, teas, and fancy toasts.

Because you came here for the ice cream tacos, let's get to that now. Their process is really simple and customized. According to their website, they take a waffle taco shell, stuff it with whichever ice cream flavor(s) you want, dip it in your choice of milk, dark, or white chocolate OR peanut butter, and then add toppings like honeycomb candy, Oreos, pretzels, sprinkles, almonds, and coconut, to name a few.

If customization feels a bit overwhelming to you, they have a list of tried and true combos like the "sugar daddy," which is clearly a summer staple because it's only available April-October. The sugar daddy taco consists of strawberry ice cream with dark chocolate dip, topped with coconut.

If you're not "seeking arrangement," try The King, which has banana creme ice cream with peanut butter dip, topped with honeycomb candy.

For the children, try The Youngster which consists of cookies & cream ice cream with milk chocolate dip and sprinkles.

Check out their menu items here. For logistics and location reference, Rocko's Ice Cream Tacos is located at 2905 Park Avenue in Santa Clara, CA. If you're not up for driving two hours to get one of their tacos, they also offer nationwide shipping. Check out their website here.