These are your horoscopes for Memorial Day Weekend 2023

Gemini constellation
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These are your horoscopes for the weekend of Friday, May 26, 2023! Get horoscopes weekdays at 5:40 p.m. on **LIZZO6.5 The End!**

Gemini: Out of conflict blooms progress, future outlooks, and hope. You'll navigate this conflict effortlessly and learn a lot in the process. Give yourself and others grace as you work through this process. Your word of the week is change.

Cancer: A business or financial decision you make this week will require you to shift your priorities, but this seems to be a very welcome change for you. You'll need to let go of one obligation to make room for the other, but this is something you've been hoping for all along. Your word of the week is shift.

Leo: You'll find opportunity through grief and heartache this week. You've reached the final straw. Instead of reacting, you look for resolution...and that's where the opportunity lies. Your word of the week is compassion.

Virgo: A decision you make this week is far from popular, but it's the right move to make given the information at hand. Be fearless when moving forward with this decision, because you know this is the right choice. Your word of the week is decisive.

Libra: Rest and relaxation will help aid you in finding the answers you're looking for. So if you've been feeling burnt out lately, this is your sign to step back and take some time for yourself. Your word of the week is recharge.

Scorpio: You're coming up on the completion of a cycle this week, making room for new opportunity to come into your life. This opportunity includes people, perspective, places, or really just about anything else. You're experiencing a radical shift in your immediate environment nonetheless. Your word of the week is erupt.

Sagittarius: This week marks the end of a dramatic cycle for you. Conflict and confusion has really clouded the judgement of everyone around you, and this is the week where you decide enough is enough. Take the high road. Your word of the week is karma.

Capricorn: A past connection suddenly comes back into your life this week, making for a sweet-yet-confusing reunion. Don't worry too much about whether or not this will last. Tread with caution, but be open and receptive to this reconnection. Your word of the week is casual.

Aquarius: There is opportunity in the chaos around you. As much as you're not looking forward to addressing the drama, it's very telling of what the future holds. See this as an opportunity to put yourself in the best light possible without tearing other people or ideas down. Your word of the week is light.

Pisces: Saying "no" to an opportunity that doesn't serve you is the best, most abundant decision you'll make all week (and quite possibly all month)! As soon as you move that opportunity out of the way, you find yourself on a path towards other opportunities that are better aligned with your values and goals. Your word of the week is no.

Aries: You'll be starting over from the ground up in a lot of ways over the coming weeks, and it all starts now. Getting back to basics is just the reset you need. This isn't a step back. Although it doesn't appear or feel this way, you're really making forward momentum. Your word of the week is reset.

Taurus: You'll have the courage to walk away from something that no longer serves you. This could be a person, idea, or any situation, really. Understand that taking care of yourself first and foremost is essential. Your word of the week is self.

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