View your summer through a nostalgic lens with these colorful reusable Kodak cameras

So I'm really excited that Instax brought back the excitement of Polaroid cameras and getting photos back instantly. But trend I've sort of seen making a comeback is having to go get film developed.

I remember one of my core memories as a child was stopping by the photo section at Target (back when Target developed photos). My parents obviously had a reusable film camera that they'd use to take ALL of our pictures with before everything went digital, so we'd drop off the film, do some shopping, and then pick up the photos an hour later (while also grabbing another free AOL internet disk, which I loved collecting lol).

Lately I've been craving that nostalgia, so I looked up reusable cameras online and then quickly decided on a reusable camera because they're actually not that expensive.

Through Amazon, I ordered one of these Kodak M35 film cameras that take any 35mm film (use Fujifilm instead of's cheaper). It includes flash, a wide-angle lens, optical viewfinder, fixed-focus, and comes in really cute colors. I chose the Olive Green camera, but I also love the Purple, Yellow, and Cerulean Blue. They are all different prices, so it just depends on what color you really want (but they're all the same camera).

Check out these Kodak M35 cameras here.