These are your fire sign horoscopes for Wednesday, September 22


These are your fire sign horoscopes for Wednesday, September 22, 2021.

Sagittarius: You LOVE your freedom and it's very hard for you to accept change if it feels like your independence is threatened. However, there are walls you're putting up that are unnecessary and hurting your chances of having a really great relationship come into your life, whether it's platonic or romantic. Once you make the conscious choice to let that guard down, love and opportunity will flood into your life. Your day is a 9.

Aries: Those of you going through a breakup or continuing to process a recent breakup are beginning to feel hopeless and unloved. But I'm telling you, your situation is bound to get better and it starts today. The universe isn't gonna deliver an overnight fix, but the energies are beginning to shift in a way that will help you begin to move forward. Your day is a 4.

Leo: You are picky for a reason, and those standards you set for yourself are beginning to pay off. Today and into the weekend, you'll receive a clear message that you're on the right path and that there's no need to doubt your decisions to this point. You'll know it when you see it. Your day is a 10.

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