The Bo and Jon Podcast: Bo Interviews Stefani Montiel

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Bo interviews Stefani Montiel before her private performance at the Verizon Performance Lounge.

Stefani Montiel speaks of her new release, Amor Supernatural, available now which  features the new Fierro hit single, Un Momentito Mas.   The project which took her three years to complete was a true labor of love while at the same time exhaustive and emotionally draining.  As she describes, “it was like giving birth all over again.” 

Amor Supernatural also turned out to be a family affair as much as ever before.  Both Stefani’s daughter (Ileah Zavala) and son (Jaylen Zavala) and husband (Gabriel Zavala) play a role in the project. 

Stefani will be the first to tell you that she is blessed with not only having her children and husband around her all the time but her sister and parents too.