Florida bride charged with putting pot in wedding food and not telling anyone

Dinner plate with cannabis on it.
Dinner plate with cannabis on it. Photo credit Getty Images

A Florida bride has been arrested and accused of putting marijuana in her wedding food, resulting in several of her guests becoming sick, according to an arrest warrant.

The bride, Danya Shea Svoboda, 42, was arrested along with her caterer, Joycelyn Montrinice Bryant, 31, for lacing the food fed to those gathered for her wedding, CNN reported.

Both Bryant and Svoboda were charged with culpable negligence, delivery of marijuana, and violating Florida's Anti-Tampering Act, according to their arrest warrant affidavits.

Before the wedding, Svoboda allegedly "agreed to and allowed Joycelyn Montrinice Bryant to lace the food she served ... with cannabis unbeknownst to the attendees, many of whom became very ill and required medical attention," the affidavit said.

Both affidavits shared that Seminole County deputies arrived at the wedding venue on February 19 as county fire and rescue responders were helping guests who had "symptoms consistent with that of someone who has used illegal drugs."

The legal documents shared that guests told deputies they felt "stoned" and "ill and high" while being treated. Others said they had "weird, tingly, fidgety" feelings while having "an extremely dry mouth" after eating the food.

Svoboda and her husband were asked if they asked for the food to have cannabis-infused in it, to which her husband, Andrew Svoboda, "stared at [the deputy] with a blank expression for a few moments before stuttering through a 'no,'" the affidavits said.

Samples of the food and some of the glassware were taken from the wedding venue and later tested positive for THC, according to the affidavits. Lab tests also showed that three wedding guests had urine tests that brought back positive results for cannabis.

It was estimated that close to 50 people were at the wedding reception and none of them knew there would be pot in the food, The Washington Post reported.

When a guest asked Svoboda if she put "marijuana in the olive oil," she responded "yes" and "acted excited," the guest told investigators.

But Svoboda later texted another guest that they had "no idea" what had happened after people began reacting and first responders were called, the affidavits said.

Bryant and Svoboda have both posted bail and been released from jail, with the arrangements scheduled for June.

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