Climbing Mt. Everest may give you an erection

This is something that actually happens...
Mount Everest
Photo credit Zzvet / Getty

Yea, you read that right. Turns out that some men get boners when they climb Mt. Everest. This is probably due to the fact that blood flow slows as you reach higher altitudes and your heart beat gets more intense.

Lack of blood flow and oxygen will most likely cause ones mind to go blank, and climbers report that they even forget how their bodies work...or what it is doing.

Srinath Varma, a mountain climber, was asked at what altitude he usually gets an erection (for some reason). He said that the little guy starts waking up at about 4,500 meters.

They even have a name for this...

"The Airplane Boner"

I'm not making this up...check out the source article HERE.