Gary Clark Jr. Reveals His Backstage Conversations With The Rolling Stones

He also goes in on his love of the blues and playing Chicago.
By , WXRT Chicago

Gary Clark Jr. joined us live from Lollapalooza just before playing the main stage, and shared some of his backstage conversations with The Rolling Stones.

"I was actually having a conversation with them about that" Clark Jr. says of the legendary band, following in the footsteps of great Blues artists. "We all want to be Muddy Waters, but we're not. So you got to, ya know, make your own shoes and walk in them, otherwise you're gonna be that guy. 'Oh that's that guy that's doing Muddy Waters.'"

"They just had to do what they had to do," he continues on about The Stones creating their own path. "That's how this music changes and evolves, from people being inspired and then taking that, putting it in their own way. Serving it up."

Gary Clark Jr. recently opened for the icons on their No Filter US Tour last month, and continues to find inspiration in Keith Richards. "Just his attitude. I want to be like him. I want to be like Buddy Guy" he explains. "There's just something about his spirit, his energy, the way he plays. I feel like I know that guy. Even though I don't know him, there's something very familiar, like brotherly."

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Clark Jr. released his powerful album This Land this past February with the title track coming from his own experiences in Texas. “The idea of it is acceptance,” he told RADIO.COM.

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