Composer unveils theme song for upcoming ‘The Batman’

Michael Giacchino is a frequent collaborator of director Matt Reeves
Photo credit Jack Taylor / Stringer

With so many different Batman franchises being made over the years, fans have found plenty to argue about. One thing fans can’t seem to agree on is which music used throughout the different versions is the best. Whether it’s the original theme song from the 1960’s television series, the Danny Elfman score from Tim Burton’s 1989 film or even Prince’s Batman soundtrack; most fans have a definitive opinion. Now, a new challenger has entered the competition, as composer Michael Giacchino recently shared his theme for the upcoming ‘The Batman.’

The Batman franchise has definitely taken a darker tone over the years, which is usually amplified with somber and soaring orchestral music. Apparently Matt Reeves’ upcoming ‘The Batman’ will be no different, as composer Michael Giacchino’s theme continues that trend. Already teased in the film’s trailer, Giacchino recently shared a full length version of ‘The Batman’ theme.

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According to NME, Giacchino is a frequent collaborator of director Matt Reeves, previously working together on ‘Cloverfield,’ Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ and more. With this new theme fans have something new to argue about. Hopefully that will hold them over until the film’s release.

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