Disney World restaurant unveils new grilled cheese with doughnuts as buns

The sandwich is being sold at a doughnut shop in Disney Springs
Photo credit bhofack2

There are many reasons people want to visit Disney World every year, but food options are rarely on that list. However, that is about to change after a restaurant at the iconic park had a new menu item go viral recently. A doughnut shop at located at Disney Springs is now selling grilled cheese with doughnuts as buns.

Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew, which opened earlier this month, primarily sells coffee and doughnuts. However, their latest item on the sandwich section of their menu has many mouths watering. “Thought Mom made you a pretty mean grilled cheese sammie growing up? Well, you ain't seen nothing yet!" said Everglazed in a recent Facebook post. Each sandwich on the menu can replace the bun with a “griddled glazed doughnut" for $1.

Many Disney fans are already planning their next trip in hopes of tasting this new grilled cheese. While some want the real thing, others can’t wait and have said they will be attempting to make their own. Hopefully the taste matches the hype.

Via Fox News