Fort Worth brewery to unveil hot dog flavored hard seltzer

The new hard seltzer will be available starting next month
Photo credit bhofack2

Usually anytime an alcohol company tries to flavor their drinks, they do so with a fruit zest or something that combines nicely with the taste.
Of course, in recent years this has led to some wild combinations, with companies trying any flavor that may attract customers to their drink. Now, a Fort Worth brewery may have topped them all with their new hot dog flavored hard seltzer.

Martin House Brewing Company has become known for their strange drink flavors, releasing Space Pizza, a mustard pickle beer and the Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins in recent years. However, their latest combination has many questioning if they even want to try it. The Fort Worth brewery recently announced they will debut a new hot dog flavored hard seltzer next month.

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According to Dallas Morning News, the new drink will be called Bun Length and will have a 5.2% alcohol content. The seltzer is brewed with the leftover water from 52 pounds of boiled frankfurters. Hopefully it tastes better than it sounds.

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