HEB wins bracket of the 64 best Texas brands

The bracket included brands such as HEB, Whataburger, Blue Bell, Southwest Airlines and more
Photo credit JHVEPhoto

While March Madness is still underway, the majority of brackets filled out all throughout America were busted weeks ago. Of course, with everyone still in filling out brackets mode, a number of publications use this time of the year to create their own brackets that have nothing to do with college basketball. However, there is one Texans in particular would be very interested in, as it pitted the top 64 Texas brands against each other to see which could be officially named the Ultimate Texas brand.

In celebration of March Madness, Texas Monthly recently shared the Ultimate Texas Brand Bracket Championship, which took the most iconic brands in Texas, and had them battle it out to see which was truly the best. According to Texas Monthly, the 64 brands were broken down into four categories: restaurants, products, stores and wild cards. Some of the brands featured include HEB, Whataburger, Blue Bell, Dr Pepper, Chili’s, Six Flags, Austin City Limits, Southwest Airlines and so much more.

After ranking each group one through 16, the competition began with Whataburger winning the restaurants groups, HEB winning stores, Blue Bell winning products and Southwest winning the wild card group. In the finals, HEB took on Blue Bell, and the new to DFW store was crowned champion of Texas. At least in this tournament, a Texas winner was guaranteed.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: JHVEPhoto