Joey McIntyre shares New Kids On The Block musical ideas: ‘It’s really about the fans’

Joey says it's as good a time as any to do it

You have to go all the way back to 2013 to find the last time New Kids On The Block dropped a new album. While that may not change anytime soon, that doesn’t mean the group doesn’t have exciting new ideas up their sleeve.

In an interview with RADIO.COM’s Karson from Mix 104.1 in Boston, Joey McIntyre dropped a juicy nugget of information about a potential project that would involve New Kids On The Block. A Broadway musical about the band.

Don’t spill the beans yet, Joey hasn’t pitched it to the rest of the guys.

“I didn’t pitch it yet!” Joey said. “I was thinking about it and I didn’t pitch it to them. I did talk to our manager at the time, but it’s probably a good time to do it because there’s a little down time for everybody.”

Joey had an interesting concept of what the musical would be about. It wouldn’t focus on the rise and success of the band. Instead, it would look at the band through the lens of the fans.

“It’s really about the fans and how our music touched them as opposed to ‘ok here’s the five guys from Boston and how they made it,’” he says. “We really feel like we’ve got the greatest fans in Pop history.”

His idea would focus on how the fans “launched us into the stratosphere 30 years ago” and how they’ve sustained success all these years later.

Joey’s no stranger to Broadway as he acted and recently performed in Sara Bareilles’ hit musical Waitress. He has an extensive list of theatrical performances under his belt making the prospect of a New Kids musical quite enticing.

You can watch the full interview with Joey McIntyre above.

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