John Mellencamp claims he was never a fan of ‘Jack & Diane’

The singer said he “detested that song until the last couple, three years”

After spending years singing the same songs, it makes sense when musicians claim to be tired of hearing their hits. However, even from day one John Mellencamp apparently wasn’t a fan of one of his biggest songs. The singer recently revealed he “always detested” one of his most beloved songs, ‘Jack & Diane.’

John Mellencamp has always had a strange relationship with his song ‘Jack & Diane’ since its release in 1982. Stories have been told about difficulties while recording the song, and the singer has previously sidestepped questions about the song, once claiming he “can’t hate it too much” due to its popularity. However, now the singer is opening up about his feelings about the song, and apparently he was never a fan, despite changing his opinion in recent years.

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“I always detested that song until the last couple, three years. I watched a football game this past weekend, and 80,000 people were singing that song at half time. Can you imagine?” said Mellencamp. Luckily it seems the singer is finally accepting the songs place in history, according to Ultimate Classic Rock. Maybe next time he plays it live, he will even crack a smile.

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