Mansion burns down after homeowner attempted to get rid of snakes using coal

The $1.8 million home sustained more than $1 million in damages

Finding a snake inside one’s home can be extremely distressing, even for those without a fear of the reptile. However, one homeowner may have taken things a little too far in their attempt to get rid of a snake infestation in the home. The homeowner burned down their recently purchased mansion attempting to get rid of the snakes using coal.

New homes always have issues, even when they cost over $1 million. One homeowner learned that the hard way recently after finding snakes in the $1.8 million mansion in Maryland they recently purchased. After doing some research, the family attempted to use coal to remove the snakes. However, they placed the coal near combustible material, leading to a fire that quickly spread through the house.

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Luckily no one was injured in the fire; however the whereabouts of the snakes is still unknown, according to WRAL. The home sustained more than $1 million worth of damage. Maybe next time they will let the professionals handle the snakes.

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