Map reveals each state’s favorite Thanksgiving casserole

The map used Google trends to find each state’s top choice
Photo credit bhofack2

Every holiday has different traditions people follow, though usually they involve food. Of course, these traditions vary depending on where someone lives, and Thanksgiving is no different. Now, with Thanksgiving only a day away a new map has revealed each state’s favorite casserole and some of the choices were surprising.

It seems for every holiday, a map showing each state’s favorite part of that holiday goes viral, and of course; there are plenty for Thanksgiving. The latest used Google trends to find each state’s favorite type of casserole for the holiday. While many stick with the classic green bean casserole, a number of regions like to change things up.

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According to USA Today, Texas prefers a broccoli rice casserole for Thanksgiving. Some of the odder choices include North Carolina going with a pineapple casserole and Virginia making a French toast casserole. For those wondering what casserole to make this year; now they know what their guests most likely want.

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