McKinney library adds two robots to staff

The John and Judy Gay Library is the first in Texas to use robots on the library floor

As technology continues to improve, so do the ways people use it to better their lives. While many fear advancements in technology could make some workers unnecessary, many industries have figured out ways to use it to their advantage. Now that can be seen firsthand in DFW, as a local library recently announced they have added two robots to their staff.

The John and Judy Gay Library in McKinney recently became the first library in Texas to use robots on their floor. Made by Plano’s American Robotech, the robots use laser technology to go between checkpoints at the library, helping both staff and patrons. “I just love to see the looks on people’s faces when it moves. It really gets the kids excited about technology. We are always trying to be at the cutting edge of technology when we can,” said librarian Tamara Biggio.

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According to Dallas Morning News, the library staff previously would spend 65 hours per week doing tasks currently done by the robots. Each robot costs $13,000, but the library believes the investment will pay off. Hopefully the robots don’t start getting smarter being around all those books.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: PhonlamaiPhoto