Monopoly named Texas’ favorite board game by recent study

The study found each state’s favorite board game

Board games are more than just something to do when bored. For many, it’s a source of fun for any time of the day, and with so many to choose from some spend hours playing their favorites. Of course, the question is “which board game is the best?” Luckily, a new study has attempted to solve that question, using data to find each state’s favorite board game.

Solitaire Bliss recently conducted a study using Google Trends to find each state’s favorite board game. Based on an analysis of nearly 10,000 Google search terms over the past two years and a survey of over 1,000 Americans, the study found that the top board game for most states was Chess.
For Texas, the top choice was Monopoly, according to NBC DFW.

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Some other popular games that made the list include; Candy Land, Guess Who, Checkers and Catan. Of course, not everyone agreed with the findings, with some claiming their favorites should have made the cut. At least Texas’ favorite is all about money.

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