Universal Studios and SeaWorld engage in Twitter war over Fireball Whiskey

The argument started with a tweet from a Universal Studios guest and quickly escalated
Photo credit Chris Hyde / Stringer

Social media was created to connect people all over the world. However, it seems today people mainly use it to troll others on the various platforms. Sometimes even businesses get involved, making fun of their competition in order to promote their own product. The most recent example of this comes from Universal Studios and SeaWorld, who recently engaged in a Twitter war after Universal Studios took an unexpected shot at SeaWorld.

The Twitter war between Universal Studios and SeaWorld began when a Universal Studios guest sent out a tweet showing Fireball Whiskey on the top shelf of a bar located at the park. This led to an exchange between the park, the guest and even Fireball. When Universal Studios told the guest to “live a little,” Fireball jumped in suggesting they live “a lot” instead. This led to the first shot, as Universal Studios fired back with “Not TOO much. This isn't SeaWorld.”

Of course, SeaWorld didn’t stand down, immediately responding with a recent poll claiming SeaWorld to be more “lively.” According to Brobible, the exchange escalated from there with Universal Studios calling out SeaWorld for owing money on a failed roller coaster, and SeaWorld attacking the park for using old jokes. Sometimes, even businesses have to let their anger out online.