Video of baby dancing to Tool’s ‘Invincible’ goes viral

The video was first shared in December, but recently started getting more and more views
Photo credit Press Association

Everyone has a song they can’t help but get up and dance to the moment they hear it. While there are many different genres and options to choose from, the feeling is usually the same. For one baby that recently went viral, he learned early its metal that does it for him.

Video of the baby dancing to Tool’s ‘Invincible’ has been spreading around the internet recently. The video was first shared in December, but has since gone viral in recent days. In the video, the Batman pajama wearing baby excitedly runs up to the television that’s playing the song, and dances along.

Towards the end of the video, the young child can be heard saying “That’s all?” when the song ends. Many online say they’ve experienced the exact same feeling as the toddler, and praised the parents for teaching their young son the music. This kid will be rocking out for many years.

Via Consequence of Sound

Featured Image Photo Credit: Press Association