Bay Area Counties Slow Down Reopening As Coronavirus Cases Spike

Barber wearing protective gear
Photo credit Gabriel Kuchta / Getty Images

Worrisome increases in coronavirus cases throughout the state and Bay Area - like the spike found in San Quentin State Prison - have forced health officers to re-think their county's reopening plans. Those seeking to find comfort in a pedicure, new tattoo or a cold cocktail in San Francisco will have to wait.

Jay Cheng is Public Policy Director of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, and he told KCBS Radio that we should expect to see city leaders take pause to evaluate what the next steps are.

"A rollback is certainly possible," he said.

Cheng added that the city had already spoken to dozens of businesses that had begun to reach out to employees about rehiring and new shift schedules.

"That’s really the painful part about this, is that we’re asking employees that are ready to come back to work that they’re going to have to continue to wait," Cheng explained.

Beginning Monday in Marin County, Health Officer Dr. Matt Willis explained that there are some businesses are still on track to operate as scheduled.

"Indoor restaurants, hair salons and barbershops are still on deck for Monday," Dr. Willis said. "But gyms, Personal services, hotels and short term rentals will be paused, for now."

Just too many cases and too many hospitalizations, he explained.

Contra Costa County is re-evaluating it’s reopening timeline, as well.