Coronavirus Hygiene, Distancing Lessons Could Lead To Lifetime Of Health

People wear face masks while visits the Auto Fair during Dragon Boat Festival holiday on June 25, 2020 in Wuhan, China.
Photo credit Getty Images

Most of us are doing as medical professionals have asked in the battle against the coronavirus by wearing face coverings, adhering to physically distancing guidelines and maintaining good hygiene.

There may be an added benefit when summer turns to fall - fewer cases of influenza and the common cold.

The coronavirus is a respiratory disease.

"Many of the measures that have been implemented to deal with COVID-19 will be effective in preventing transmission of influenza and other respiratory viruses," University of California, San Francisco Assistant Professor of Medicine Chaz Langelier explained. 

Langelier told KCBS Radio studies of influenza last year in China and Japan, where the coronavirus first got its legs, show that preventative measures for the coronavirus helped to reduce the flu bug.

"The measures were taking to prevent disease transmission, physical distancing, masks, handwashing are already having an impact on reducing the transmission of other respiratory infections," Langelier said.

Could the lessons we are learning today about avoiding the coronavirus help us in the future with other respiratory viruses?

"It doesn’t cost anything and it’s easy to do," Langelier said.

Think about it. If we permanently incorporate these antiviral measures into our lifestyles, it’s possible that we remain healthy.

Not always, but certainly more often.