Desperate Californians Are Now Buying Their Own Fire Trucks


The constant threat of wildfire in California has some rural residents considering the unthinkable.

For a kid, owning your very own fire truck sounds like a dream come true. There are deals to be had right now on Craigslist. Several of them, actually.

To be blunt, the personal, used fire engine market is exploding like wildfire.

Used fire engines from Japan are getting resold in California as wealthy homeowners look for ways to better protect their expensive homes from what’s become an unfortunate yearly reality. Officials have asked residents to leave the firefighting up to the professionals, though many have been seen with a hose in their hands during the Bay Area’s latest round of devastating wildfires, including a rogue group in the Santa Cruz Mountains attempting to protect homes.

CAL FIRE has warned your own shiny red fire truck isn't going to save you if your neighborhood is being evacuated.

You've still got to go.