Sky Is The Limit In Search For Missing Dog

Emilie Talermo is searching for her missing mini-Australian shepherd who was last seen outside of a supermarket in San Francisco's Bernal Heights neighborhood on Dec.14, 2019.
Photo credit Emilie Talermo 

A San Francisco woman is going to great heights to find her stolen dog.  

Emilie Talermo has hired an airplane to fly a banner over the city Saturday with information about Jackson, her beloved mini-Australian shepherd. The dog was last seen outside of a grocery store in Bernal Heights on December 14. 

Talermo is offering $7,000 for the return of her 28-pound pet who has white, black and gray fur and bright blue eyes. 

"This situation has caused so much pain and heartbreak and rallied a community to help get him home. I just want my precious little boy to come back in my arms where he belongs," she wrote. 

She has some information about the suspect she believes stole her dog.

"He was taken by someone who looks unassuming (not homeless). The man took a photo of him, pet him, sat next to him and then untied him from the bench and walked off with him," Talermo wrote on a GoFundMe page

Her search has attracted much interest around San Francisco. Firefighters from the station in the Mission have tweeted photos of Jackson to help. 

Please help our neighbor find their dog! Stolen from @GoodlifeGrocery on Cortland in @Bernalwood. Fur babies are a part of our families and this is a devastating loss. Help us get this guy home! @MLNow @HillaryRonen

— San Francisco Firefighters 798 (@SFFFLocal798) December 15, 2019

Talermo asks anyone with information to call or text her at (307) 413-7566.