LIVE BLOG: Evacuations Once Again Lifted For LNU Lightning Complex Fires


All evaucation orders and warnings have been lifted once again for the LNU Lightning Complex, after new evacuations were issued earlier this week. 

Monday evening, high winds caused the Walbridge Fire (part of the LNU Lightning Complex) to shift and cross a containment line, prompting CAL FIRE to issue new, evacuations in Sonoma County. Those evacuations were lifted Wednesday morning, according to CAL FIRE reports.

Meanwhile, CAL FIRE expects to have the SCU Lightning Complex fire fully contained by the end of the week.

The SCU Lightning Complex and LNU Lightning Complex are the second and third-largest fires in California history, according to figures released by CAL FIRE.

The #SCULightningComplex is the 2nd largest fire, the #LNULightningComplex is the 3rd largest, and the #AugustComplex has now grown to being the 4th largest fire in California history. Visit for more information.

— CAL FIRE (@CAL_FIRE) September 4, 2020

Not only are the fires historic in size, but in cost. As of earlier this week, almost $125 million has been spent fighting the LNU, SCU and CZU Lightning Complex fires.

We will update the latest fire acreage, evacuation orders and warnings here.

BAY AREA FIRESUpdated Thursday, September 10, at 8:30 a.m.

CZU Lightning ComplexThe CZU Lightning Complex fires burning in southern San Mateo and northern Santa Cruz Counties have burned 86,509 acres and are 84% contained as of Thursday morning.

925 homes have been destroyed with 90 others damaged. Even as the fire nears full containment, thousands of structures are still threatened and more than 2,200 people are still under evacuation orders. The number of structures that have burned in total in Santa Cruz County because of the CZU fires outstrips even the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake.

One civilian has died, and one civilian has been injured.

Four-star General Daniel Hokanson and CAL FIRE Director Thom Porter watch as California National Guard crews scratch line on the #CZULightningComplex.

— CAL FIRE CZU (@CALFIRECZU) September 3, 2020

Here are the latest evacuation orders for the CZU Lightning Complex.

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LNU Lightning ComplexThis series of fires, which CAL FIRE is calling the "LNU Lightning Complex," includes the Hennessey Fire (merged with the Green, Gamble, Aetna, Markley, Spanish, Morgan and Round Fires) in Napa and Lake counties, the Walbridge Fire (merged with the Stewarts Fire) and Meyers Fire (formerly the 11-16 Fire) in Sonoma County.

CAL FIRE reduced the estimated acreage Wednesday morning by about 12,000 acres. CAL FIRE now says the fire has burned 363,220 acres across five counties and, as of Thursday morning, is 94% contained. All evacuations were lifted Sunday, but high winds caused a flare-up in the Walbridge Fire Monday evening, prompting new evacuations south of Healdsburg. All evacuation orders have been lifted, once again, as of Wednesday morning.

It is ranked as the third-largest wildfire in the state's history.

Authorities have identified the three people who died in Napa County. The coroner's office confirms Leo McDermitt, his girlfriend Mary Hittenmeyer and his son Tom were found dead at a home along Highway 128 two weeks ago. Hittenmeyer's son, Robert McNeil, told KPIX-5 he believed the three may have become stuck in their fire bunker.

Two others have died in Solano and four civilians have been injured.

It's estimated at least 1,491 structures have been destroyed, 232 more have been damaged and no structures remain threatened. Of the buildings destroyed, over 780 were homes. 

Crews are making progress battling the Hennessey Fire in Napa County. It has burned 305,651 acres and is 94% contained. 

The Walbridge Fire in Sonoma County is burning west of Healdsburg. It is estimated to be 55,209 acres and is 95% contained.

The Meyers Fire in Sonoma County is now 100% contained. It burned an estimated 2,360 acres north of Jenner.

Here is the latest information on the LNU Lightning Complex.

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SCU Lightning ComplexThe complex burning in Sunol near the Calaveras Reservoir is known as the "SCU Lightning Complex." 

It now spreads across seven counties: Santa Clara, Alameda, Contra Costa, San Joaquin and Stanislaus, Merced and San Benito counties. The complex is now one major fire broken into two branches: Branch I and Branch II.

As of Thursday morning, the wildfires had burned a combined 396,624 acres with 97% containment. It is the second largest wildfire in California's history. Crews initially hoped to have it fully contained by Thursday, September 3. That date has now been pushed back to Saturday, September 12. 

CAL FIRE lifted all evacuation orders for Santa Clara County Saturday morning, nearly a week after evacuation orders were lifted for Alameda and San Joaquin counties.

Three first responders have been injured and two civilians have been hurt.

Here is the latest report for the SCU Lightning Complex.

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Carmel FireThe Carmel Fire is 100% contained as of Friday night, according to CAL FIRE. The blaze started near Cachagua Rd. and Carmel Valley Rd., south of Carmel in Monterey County and burned a total of 6,905 acres. CAL FIRE said seven structures were damaged and 73 destroyed.

All evacuation orders and warnings were lifted and roads are reopened.

Here is the final report for the Carmel Fire.

River FireThe River Fire is now 100% contained, as of Friday night. The blaze was burning south of Salinas and spread over 48,088 acres. Four firefighters suffered minor, heat-related injuries. Thirteen structures were damaged and 30 destroyed. All evacuation orders and warnings were lifted.

Here is the latest information for the River Fire.

Woodward FireThe Woodward Fire (formerly the 4-6 Fire) continues to burn in a remote area of the Point Reyes National Seashore adjacent to the Woodward Trail. Crews are steadily working towards full containment. As of Tuesday the fire has burned 4,853 acres and is 95% contained. No structures have been damaged. Point Reyes officials said 161 firefighters are assigned to this incident.

Officials lifted more evacuation warnings for West Marin on Wednesday. Some warnings west of Point Reyes station are still in effect. 

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