Gov. Newsom Satisfied With Pres. Trump's Wildfire Response, Despite Public Clash


Governor Gavin Newsom said resources are pouring into California from other states to cope with more than 500 wildfires that, combined, are now larger than the state of Rhode Island.

And despite what President Donald Trump says publicly, Newsom is satisfied with the president’s response behind the scenes.

 At a North Bay fire briefing, Newsom said the number of lightning-sparked fires has grown to 560, with the Sonoma-Lake-Napa and San Mateo-Santa Cruz complexes the worst the state has ever seen. 

“There’s been 20 epic wildfires in the state of California,” he said. “This complex represents the 10th largest, the complex SCU represents the 7th largest the state has ever had.”

Other states are pitching in by sending firefighters and equipment, as is the federal government, said Newsom, despite Trump insisting these fires are California’s own fault, and Newsom pushing back on the Democratic National Convention

Newsom said Trump may say nasty things publicly, but privately he responds to Newsom’s calls for help and they have an effective working relationship.

“We have 40 million Americans that live in the great state of California, there’s not one of them that wears red versus blue at this point, we are here to save lives,” Newsom said.

Newsom added that he doesn’t think Trump knew the U.S. Forest Service just agreed on a new plan to manage California’s forests, 57% of which are owned by the federal government with less than 3% owned by the state.