San Francisco Nightlife Begins To Pick Up Amid Coronavirus

Photo credit Getty Images

With coronavirus-related social distancing restrictions beginning to lighten up, San Francisco is seeing an uptick in its nightlife. 

The SFPD has taken notice of the crowds flooding bars as reopening of the city begins, and they have had to approach groups of people asking them to split up or go home. In some areas, officers have advised people to disperse over loudspeakers.

A photo began circulating of a bar off of Chestnut Street on Friday night, appearing as though it was business as usual, ABC7 News reports.

Meanwhile, The Blue Light off of Union Street has seen a larger interest in items they don't normally sell pre-coronavirus. "Things we don't normally sell a lot have become by far the biggest sellers that wer'e doing right now," owner Johnny Metheny. 

Since the changes, their sales have shifted from beer to pina coladas and frozen margaritas. 

Cal Dreyer, a regular at The Blue Light, considers himself fortunate to be able to go outside at all. "To be out, the weather is beautiful, a lot of people have it worse than we have right now. We're trying to support them, we're trying to support locals so if it's not here we go across the road," Dreyer said.