Muni Gets Worst Marks On City Report Card

San Francisco MUNI bus
Photo credit Jenna Lane/KCBS Radio

SAN FRANCISCO — A recent survey of San Franciscans found that people love the libraries and give public safety a B grade, but their confidence in Muni is falling.

Muni got about a C+ overall compared to an A for the library system and B+ for the parks department. Muni's grade was the worst among the city agencies. 

The areas of "managing crowding" and "frequency or reliability" were sore points for Muni in the city controller's survey.

But operators' courtesy got the highest grade, a B. One rider told KCBS Radio that Muni operators treat people fairly. 

An SFMTA spokesman said the agency does have a lot of work to do, but has made significant improvements in the last five years, such as increasing service by 10 percent. 


"More than 720,000 people a day depend on Muni to get where they need to go, so we understand the need for more reliable transit service in San Francisco," said spokesman Paul Rose. 

The agency has recently experienced significant setbacks, including a widespread service outage that inconvenienced many riders when a defective part ripped down electrical lines and the discovery that the fleet of new train cars has a safety hazard with its doors. A woman was dragged on a platform when her hand became trapped in the doors. Complaints about Muni's direction led to Ed Reiskin's resignation as director of the Municipal Transportation Agency.