As storms become more frequent, here’s how to stay prepared

Ideally people will leave the house within eight to 10 minutes of getting an alert.
Ideally people will leave the house within eight to 10 minutes of getting an alert. Photo credit Getty Images

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS RADIO) – In the wake of recent storms, causing flooding and power outages in California, people are refreshing themselves on how best to prepare for a disaster.

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The Bay Area has been inundated with rain in recent weeks, and even more is anticipated next week.

"With a lot of the atmospheric rivers we are pretty much starting to see the impacts are just ongoing," said Marin County Director of Emergency Management Steven Torrence on KCBS Radio's "Ask an Expert" with Eric Thomas and Margie Shafer on Friday.

"With the last two weeks of just consistent rain, we're seeing that the power lines, our crews are not having as much time to recover," he said.

"So we're actually asking more of the public to start preparing on an ongoing basis," said Torrence. "Because we don’t have as much time to recover between the storms."

This is also something to keep in mind as California enters into this year's wildfire season.

For most Californians, understanding the situation and being receptive to alerts when they go out isn’t the problem, it’s that many don’t necessarily know what to do next.

"We want to make sure people know exactly what they need to grab when they get that alert because time is of the essence," said Torrence.

People should be able to get out of their homes within eight to 10 minutes of getting an alert notification.

"But at the same time when people get that alert they panic, so I want to make sure we can give them that reassurance," he said.

The items that people should have ready to go in most emergencies include emergency contacts, three to five days worth of supplies like food and water, as well as personal effects.

People need to look at their individual needs as well, like an extra pair of glasses, medications, and sanitary items.

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