Introducing 'Bitter Academia,' a true crime series about the murder of Stanford University's founder

The series will cover Jane's murder and the cover up that followed.
The series will cover Jane's murder and the cover up that followed. Photo credit KCBS Radio

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS RADIO) – In 1905, Jane Stanford died while on vacation in Hawaii. While the circumstances around her death would be muddied in the weeks and months after her death, it was obvious to those around her that she was poisoned.

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The story of Jane Stanford's death, and her life, has been airbrushed and polished by the university she worked so hard to establish at a time when few women were in positions of authority. 118 years after her death, the school still has not acknowledged the likely truth.

In the six-part series Bitter Academia, I do my best to tell Jane’s story, and to understand the woman behind the school. After losing her only son when he was just 15, Jane channeled her grief over this loss into honoring his memory with a school.

Stanford University at its creation was one of the most progressive schools in the country, offering admission to both men and women. But the school’s origin would be mired in problems from day one, something that Jane would have to unravel on her own after her husband died just after Stanford’s doors opened.

In episode one, we learn about Jane and her motivations, her life before the school, and what would eventually become the key points of her legacy.

And, how she was eventually betrayed, likely by someone sin her inner circle.

The first episode is available now on the Audacy app, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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