New solar farm brings clean energy to PG&E customers on the peninsula


PG&E customers on the peninsula are receiving more clean energy than ever before thanks to a new 100-megawatt solar farm.

The Mustang Two Whirlaway plant is located on 1500 acres in Leemore in Kings County, California.

Jan Pepper is the CEO of Peninsula Clean Energy, which contracts for clean electricity and uses PG&E infrastructure to deliver it. She told KCBS Radio that it’s the second solar farm to go online this year.

“It will produce enough solar energy to power nearly 58,000 homes in San Mateo County through 2035,” she said.

This will bring Peninsula customers closer to the goal of greenhouse gas free electricity by next year and 100 percent renewable energy sources by 2025.

“We’re trying to show that you can do that and you can still be economical,” she explained. “Because we actually deliver our power to our customers and charge them 5 percent less than what they were paying with PG&E.”