Users blast Google for anti-Semitic memes in search results, prompting apology


Offensive, anti-Semitic images called out by Google users have prompted a public apology Friday from the company’s search liaison.

The images and memes in question appeared when using the search engine to find results for "Jewish baby strollers" or similar phrases.

Users were met with images of barbeque grills, many including offensive captions.

Search results displayed by Google when looking for "Jewish baby strollers."
Image results displayed by Google when looking for "Jewish baby strollers."

"We apologize," Google Liaison of Search Danny Sullivan wrote in a Twitter thread. "These don’t reflect our opinions. We try to show content matching all key terms searched for, as people normally want. But for ‘data voids’ like this, it can be problematic."

Sullivan went on to explain some of the process that goes into how users get Google search results, saying "there’s lots of helpful content" for search terms like "baby strollers," but not a lot of content for specific phrases like "Jewish baby strollers" because of "a ’void’ of good content to surface that matches what was asked for."

One Twitter user wrote: "What in the world @Google?!?! #Antisemitism #Google #NeverAgain"

Another user said: "@Google we are counting on you to take this down."

As of Friday afternoon, the images were still coming up in the same search.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Leon Neal/Getty Images