Entergy expecting 'historic' energy usage this month as summer heats up

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“We’re predicting the highest energy usage by our customers in company history.”

That’s the forecast from Entergy spokesperson David Freese as intense heat begins to smother their service area, according to WBRZ, and he says that outlook includes not just Louisiana but much of the Gulf Coast as well, including Arkansas, Mississippi and even Texas potentially.

So how can customers put the brakes on rising energy costs?

“There are several things that customers cannot control and high natural gas prices are among them, as well as the storm recovery cost. However, one thing customers can control is their usage," said Freese.

To that end, Freese suggested that customers keep their thermostats set no lower than 78 degrees

“Every degree below 78 could add 3% to your bill. So if you go down to 75 you’ve already added 9% to your bill," said Freese.

The power-providing giant did say however they have seen no signs of strain on the grid as of yet that would cause outages and will send notices out to its customers if that particular situation changes.