What names do people change the most?

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SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS RADIO) – Do you feel like you're more of a "Samantha" than a "Miranda?" Maybe you're tired of the negative connotation attached to "Karen," or the Monster Energy-drinking, wall-punching reputation associated with "Kyle."

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If you've ever thought of changing your name, you're definitely not alone. The Social Security Administration recently shared a list of the 10 first names that are changed the most often by U.S. citizens.

The list looked at more than 30,000 name changes since 2017 as part of a Washington Post story on parents who changed their baby's first name.

Topping the list are two unusual names: "Issac" and "Chole." The names are believed to be misspellings of "Isaac" and "Chloe" -- which just so happen to be the two most-adopted first names.

Other names on the list include Aiden, Conner, Elliot, Michael, James, Isabella, Sophia and David.

Most Changed Names
1. Issac
2. Chole
3. Aiden
4. Conner
5. Elliot
6. Michael
7. James
8. Isabella
9. Sophia
10. David

"Michael" appears on both the most-changed and most-adopted list. "Conner" is among the most changed names, but "Connor" is among the most adopted.

Other names on the most-adopted list include Sebastian, William, Olivia, Elijah, Matthew and Jonathan.

Most Adopted Names
1. Isaac
2. Chloe
3. Sebastian
4. William
5. Oliva
6. Michael
7. Elijah
8. Matthew
9. Connor
10. Jonathan

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