1Thing: Join Moms Clean Air Force To Unite Against Air and Climate Pollution

Hundreds of mothers from across the country are calling on their members of Congress to address climate change for their children's future.
Photo credit Photo by Lexey Swall/McClatchy/TNS

If you are looking for the #1Thing that you can do to help make Earth a healthier place, check out Moms Clean Air Force.

The group consists of over 1 million parents who are fighting air and climate pollution in order to protect children’s health.

The group stretches across the country, with state chapters devoted to taking on specific environmental actions in each state.

Pennsylvania’s chapter currently has over 100,000 members who pride themselves on major victories like being present when Governor Wolf signed an executive order establishing the first statewide goal to reduce pollution in Pennsylvania.

Another major victory for Pennsylvania Clean Air Moms came with Governor Wolf upheld his commitment to clean up the state’s air by regulating methane emissions from new oil and gas infrastructure. The group held press conferences across PA, hosted hundreds of meetings, led “frackland tours” with Governor Wolf’s policy aids, and more in order to make sure PA’s air quality was a priority.

These are the accomplishments are just a few, and they come with hard work and dedication to making our Earth sustainable for generations to come.

If you are looking for your #1Thing, Moms Clean Air Force may be it!

Check out more information about Moms Clean Air Force, click here, and to look at Pennsylvania’s chapter, click here.

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