Ambridge woman accused of shooting, killing her two children

"Please don't shoot, I'm gonna call the police."

An Ambridge woman is in jail, accused of shooting and killing her two children.

The victims have been identified as 16-year-old Jeffrey Bright and 22-year-old Jasmin Cannady.

Police say 48-year-old Krisinda Bright shot both victims at her home on Maplewood Avenue Monday afternoon around 1:30pm.

According to a criminal complaint, Bright was the one who called 9-1-1.

When she was taken into custody and questioned by police, she allegedly admitted to shooting both victims.

The criminal complaint states that Bright told police that she shot victim #2 as the victim lay in bed in an upstairs bedroom.

Then, Bright allegedly proceeded to go downstairs and pointed the gun at victim #1. She told police that the victim said "Please don't shoot, I'm gonna call the police." Police say Bright then shot the victim in the face. When the victim was still moving, Bright said she retrieved another gun and shot victim #1 in the head again because she didn't want the victim to suffer.

Bright faces two counts of criminal homicide.