Pittsburgh has new tool to battle unsafe opioid use


The City of Pittsburgh announced a new tool aimed at more effectively addressing unsafe opioid use.

The Opioid Overdose Dashboard compiles EMS data to map monthly opioid overdose calls.

That data will include the number of people who overdose, neighborhood mapping, and other statistics.

"While this is a data-driven initiative, it's really about using all the resources at the City's disposal into giving our residents a helping hand. That means cross-department coordination, best practices in care and support, and now a Dashboard to help guide our work as effectively as possible," Mayor William Peduto said.

Public Safety Director Wendell Hissrich says first responders have saved many lives. "And they will continue to save lives,” Hissrich said. “But to more effectively address the root of the problem, everyone must join together. Having more data will lead to a better understanding of the issues and, hopefully, actionable solutions."

The tool will be public and be used to form and guide related policies and programs.