Study reveals the board games people cheat at the most

Miscellaneous board game pieces on a chess board - stock photo
Miscellaneous board game pieces on a chess board - stock photo Photo credit Getty Images

Playing board games with friends can be a fun, low-cost activity that people of all ages can enjoy. But next time you host a game night, be on the lookout for people trying to cheat their way to victory.

The online gaming company Solitaired recently released a study that looked to find which tabletop games people are most likely to cheat at.

"Using Google Keyword Planner, we searched two terms per game related to ‘cheats’, these were then added together to create a combined number of monthly cheating searches," Solitaired said.

The number one game that people cheat at the most is one that is found in 60% of American homes.

On average, there are 11,110 searches per month about cheating in Scrabble.

Scrabble had nearly double the amount of cheating searches than the game with the second most cheaters, Chess. As only 5,660 people per month searched online to help them win in chess.

Monopoly came in third with 2,220 monthly searches about cheating, followed by blackjack (890), Boggle (730), and Connect 4 (730) rounding out the top five most cheated games.

Hasbro conducted a study of about 2,000 people in 2018 and determined that nearly 50% of players cheated in some way or another while playing Monopoly.

The other games in the top 10 for searches about cheating included poker, checkers, mancala, UNO, and Battleship.

"Table-top games are a classic example of family-friendly entertainment that has been around for centuries, so it’s hardly surprising that these have grown in popularity in the last few years amid the pandemic, and now, the cost-of-living-crisis," Neal Taparia, CEO of, said in a press release.

"It’s interesting to see how many people are seeking out ways to cheat for success, however, I’m sure we’ve all been involved in a tense game, or two - at some point! With many of these now available to play for free online, as well as in-person, these games will likely continue to be loved by many generations to come."