Fantasy Expert: Steelers offense will be an 'epic disaster'


One professional fantasy football expert expects a pretty grim year from the Steelers offense.

CBS Sports Fantasy Football insider Dan Schneier recently said on “Fantasy Football Today” that the offense will be an “epic disaster” no matter on who starts at quarterback, Mitch Trubisky or Kenny Pickett.

Now before you react and say Schneier is being bias, keep in mind fantasy experts are not fans of one particular team, they are fans of individual players, leaving their feelings and emotions out of it, with millions of dollars at stake in gambling and fantasy.

“They’re not always going you what you want to hear, they’re going to tell you what you need to hear,” said Andrew Fillipponi on the PM Team.

“That offensive line was not upgraded enough over the last three years . . . with a quarterback that’s a veteran that can get them into the right checks, get them into the right spots with blitz-heavy calls,” said Schneier adding he believes the Steelers offense will be among the worst in the entire league.

Schneier adds that Buffalo was not “enthused” with Trubisky and he “knows that Pickett’s going to have a hard time adjusting to the NFL.”

The CBS Sports insider also points out the difficult second-place schedule the Steelers will play this season, the difficulty of being in the AFC North and harsh weather.

“Everything to me screams one of the worst offenses in the NFL,” said Schneier.

That’s not a fan, that’s not a talk show host, that’s not a writer. That’s an expert that makes money on fantasy football looking at objectively the players and numbers involved and thinks the Steelers could be the worst in the league.

While Schneier’s words may seem a bit harsh, there is truth in there. The offensive line is different in 2022 but we don’t know if it’s better.

They do have a difficult schedule playing the Bengals, Patriots, Browns, Bill and Buccaneers in the first six games.

They also have an unproven quarterback and a still unproven offensive coordinator in Matt Canada.

Hopefully for Steelers fans, this fantasy expert is off the mark on this one.