Nearly 4 in 10 L.A. voters say homelessness makes them feel 'significantly unsafe'

Matt Gush/Getty Images
A homeless encampment sits on a street in Downtown Los Angeles. Photo credit Matt Gush/Getty Images

LOS ANGELES (KNX) — Nearly 40% of Los Angeles voters are made to feel “significantly unsafe” by homelessness in their neighborhoods, according to a new poll conducted by The Los Angeles Times and L.A. Business Council Institute.

Those surveyed were particularly concerned about the safety of their children, as well as presence of human excriment in the street, according to the Times.

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One in five surveyed said they considered leaving L.A. because of homelessness.

Ninety-four percent of voters surveyed designated it a “serious” or “very serious” issue — though they were not so united when it came to identifying a cause. Forty-two percent of liberals said widespread homelessness in L.A. was due to lack of affordable housing and persistent low wages; 32% of conservatives said it was due to individual choices and behavior.

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