Amid L.A. county's COVID-19 surge, demand for vaccinations is up

Female doctor wearing blue latex gloves injecting a child in her arm with a needle and syringe containing a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine cure by way of immunization.
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After weeks of declines, the number of first-dose shots being administered in Los Angeles County crept up last week. The increased demand comes alongside the county's fourth day in a row of more than 3,000 new COVID-19 cases.

“Our sense of urgency to increase vaccination among our residents remains high. We’re grateful for these signs of increased vaccine uptake,” said county Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer.

Cedars-Sinai reported a jump of about 40 percent in first-dose shots administered the week of July 26 compared to the prior week. Demand for shots has been going up statewide as cases rise and more and more places announce vaccinations requirements.

State employees and many health care workers will have to show proof of vaccination or undergo weekly testing. The same goes for the cities of L.A. and Long Beach. The Cal State and University of California systems are requiring faculty, staff and students to get vaccinated to go on campus this fall.

A number of private businesses will also require their employees to get vaccinated, including Walmart and Disney.

A growing number of L.A. bars and restaurants have already begun allowing only those who show proof of vaccination to enter.