LA County gets ready to start using Johnson & Johnson vaccine again


LA County gets ready to start using the Johnson & Johnson vaccine again.

"We are prepared to resume very quickly," says  Dr. Paul Simon, with the county's public health department. He says there are about 38,000 J&J doses on hand locally.

Federal officials lifted the pause on the one-dose vaccine's use and will add a warning about the rare risk of blood clots.

Simon says the county is preparing educational materials for providers and patients...

"It is going to include what we think is really important information about what to look for, the signs and symptoms and if you are to have this, again, very rare reaction and we are going to underscore this is a very rare reaction. Nonetheless, what to look for and if you are concerned, the recommendation you follow from your healthcare provider if you are very, very ill obviously go to the emergency room," Simon says.

Simon says he hopes concerns about the J&J shot will not lead to vaccine shopping and recommends people get the first vaccine available to them.