More than half of Americans say mental health has affected their work this year

Workplace mental health
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As advocates seek to raise awareness about mental health and the importance of treatment for those who need it, a new study shows that mental health issues are impacting American productivity.

According to Aflac’s latest WorkForces Report, around 59% of workers in the U.S. are suffering from at least “moderate” levels of burnout.

That’s a 7% rise over 2021’s level of 52%.

“Our survey found that burnout has actually gotten worse over the past year, even as life has, in many ways, gotten back to ‘normal,’” said Aflac chief human resources officer Matthew Owenby.

Unfortunately, not all workers are able to get the mental healthcare they so desperately need and desire.

While 80% of employees surveyed agreed mental health coverage as part of a broader healthcare insurance package is important, only 61% of them have such coverage as part of their workplace benefits.

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