West Hollywood bans flavored tobacco products


Later this year, it will be illegal to sell most flavored tobacco products in West Hollywood.

The ban won unanimous approval by the City Council, who say that the goal is to reduce the number of young people who get addicted to tobacco.

Under the new ban, starting in September, even tobacco products that only contain menthol will be outlawed.

The ban includes flavored cigarettes, cigars, and flavors made for vaping devices.

The one exception is for flavored versions of a kind of tobacco that's only used in hookahs.

“The sooner [tobacco companies] get you addicted, the longer they’re going to have a customer and the more profit they’re going to make off of you,” Mayor Lindsey Horvath told The Los Angeles Times in an interview.

“What that also means is many more chronic health impacts, and perhaps not being aware or being exposed to education or information about the impacts of early tobacco use. We’re doing what we can to have both an education campaign but also restricting access to those products, which make becoming addicted that much easier.”