'Clueless' director Amy Heckerling on the high school experience, stereotypes, and more

'The really important, basic stuff does not change'
Amy Heckerling
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Get ready to step back into your glory day. Keke Palmers was joined by Clueless Writer/Director Amy Heckerling on the Baby, This is Keke Palmer podcast for a discussion surrounding the high school experience.

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Photo credit 'Baby, This is Keke Palmer' podcast

While the world we live in has changed immensely since 1995, the year Clueless was released, writer and director, Amy Heckerling, says she still believes the core of the high school experience remains relatively the same.

“When I was trying to think of a framework for the characters for Clueless, I immediately remembered a book from the early 1800s, Emma, by Jane Austin and when I re-read it, everything was smacking me in the face of how things are same. How the really important, basic stuff does not change.”

She continued on to explain how the formative years of high school have always centered around exploring who you are and “trying on a lot of outfits” in the figurative sense of finding your personality.

“When you’re in High School, you’re becoming yourself, your person. Your personality is developing,” Amy shared. “And what kind of people are important to you and why do you like the people that you like? What is lovable about somebody? Who did you not like, but realize now is actually a very good person?”

While the core of the experience within students remains the same, Heckerling admits to the process looking entirely different — most of it being online. Regardless of how students are finding who they are, she believes the message of Clueless will always remain relevant.

“Be open to people [in life] and find out what’s good about them or what is phony about them and find out where you fit in that world,” she said of the message she wanted to portray through the movie. “That will probably always be a thing.”

Hear more from Heckerling as well as KeKe and company about what their high school experiences looked like and the changes they see in present day by listening to the full podcast episode above.

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