Charlie Morton's broken leg outing was eerily similar to Bob Gibson's in 1967

By , Audacy Sports

What Charlie Morton was able to do on Tuesday night was, by all means, heroic. To stay in a game after a comebacker fractures your fibula — that, or ultimately leads to a fractured fibula — and retire three more batters is nothing short of amazing. It's a feat that, upon first glance, seems like something that never had been and never will be done by another pitcher.

That's where you're wrong. And that's where I was wrong, lauding him and other athletes for these Herculean efforts that are rarely seen throughout sports in the article embedded above. If we rewind the clock 54 years, we find that a Hall of Fame pitcher had gone through an eerily similar ordeal out on the baseball diamond and, with the same toughness, remained in the game as long as he could. His name was Bob Gibson.

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