Army coach dazed after head-butt with player wearing helmet


An Army football coach appeared shaken after an overzealous offensive lineman delivered a brutal celebratory head-butt while still wearing his helmet.

Senior tackle Mike Johnson clocked fullbacks coach Mike Viti as the offensive unit was heading toward the Black Knights' sideline after scoring a touchdown in Saturday's game against Cincinnati.

Viti seemed to welcome the head-butt at first, grabbing Johnson with both hands by the back of his helmet as if to draw him closer. But the forceful blow sent him stumbling backwards, and he appeared to be wobbly on his feet while removing his headset and facemask.

Another coach who saw the head-butt came to Viti's aid, and Johnson seemed to gesture in apology while Viti was trying to regroup.

A video published by ESPN showed that Viti remained in the game, sporting a cut under his eye. It was unclear if he was checked for a concussion or otherwise examined.

Viti, now in his fifth season on the coaching staff, is a West Point graduate and played for Army, lasting suiting up in 2008.