Author Britt East discusses his book, "A Gay Man's Guide to Life"

Acceptance of homosexuality and same-sex marriage has increased dramatically over the past two decades, but this expanding approval from society at large does nothing to negate the internal struggles that most gay men face — particularly young gay men — in response to familial and societal expectations. Their road toward self-discovery is long and arduous, pockmarked by generational biases and homophobic messaging. An introspective tug-of-war wages each time a new milestone approaches, and with no clear path in sight, many gay men simply find themselves in a proverbial roundabout, trapped in an endless loop of no-win situations.

Author Britt East discusses how his new book, "A Gay Man's Guide to Life," helps gay men live honestly and openly, developing the skills, wisdom, or relationships necessary to manifest their dreams.

He also delves into issues like bias within the gay community, corporate bigotry, and how to develop long-lasting friendships and love.