Lindsay Salatka discusses her new book, "Fish Heads and Duck Skin"

Covid-related attacks against Asian-Americans have surged in the past year – from verbal harassment, physical assault, workplace discrimination, and being spat on or coughed at are just some examples of the discrimination those of Asian decent have faced. Stop AAPI Hate reports that nearly 3800 instances of Anti-Asian hate crimes were reported over the last year, and 68% were aimed at women. Over six million Asian Americans live in California, by far the most in any U.S. state, making up more than 15% of our residents.

The Association for Psychological Science says prejudice takes root in people prone to making generalizations about others and oftentimes, we only stop generalizing about a group of people when we get to know them.

San Diego’s Lindsey Salatka is the author of “Fish Heads and Duck Skin,” which is expected to be published this summer. While the book is fictional, it draws heavily on her own experience of living in China.

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